Totem Shield Making

Totem Shield Making ~ Tamare White-Wolf

Respecting Our Animal Spirits

It is with Honour and Respect that in the Shamanic traditions we gather together the spirit medicine of each of our totem animals! In this tradition we put their spirit energy in the form of furs, leathers, feathers, bones, shells, etc., on a hoop shaped frame, We call this Totem Shield Making. Some who are gifted in the muses paint and draw them on the leather. Adding the other “medicines” on and around the hoop providing a secondary role which ties them together and beautifies the shield!

The ancient art of totem shield making was initially used by indigenous cultures around the world, to be placed outside dwellings (teepee, wigwam) to identify personal spirit energy of the person living with in the dwelling to passing tribes. This helps others to understand the individuals within before even approaching in order for them to speak and behave accordingly! (sort of like knowing ones zodiac)

Honoring the totem animal allies in the form of a shield shows great respect to those allies and in return the animal energy offers their protection, guidance, magic and spirited medicine gifts.

In our day to day journeys we often find the allies,  sometimes it is a feather on the ground, a tuft of fur, a skull and bone or we are gifted pieces of feathers,  pelts of fur or the skills to paint or carve images.

You are welcome to bring those gifts from the Earth to the session to incorporate them into your medicine shield, and/or allow Tamare to provide some or all of your Animal Medicine needs!

Dec 8th 10-2pm                                 

Totem Shield Making $177-/$277- depending on what supplies you require!