Mastering the Tarot with Tamare White-Wolf

Mastering the Tarot & Psychic Development with Tamare White-Wolf


For The Development of Professional Psychics

Meet Tamare White-Wolf, Teaching Tarot since 1993

Internationally known Psychic and Shaman Spiritualist has been teaching these classes since 1993. This Course is a commitment of 2.5 years per level, with 2 Levels to full completion.

The Art of reading the Tarot is very ancient and has developed from Chess to Cards! It is the ability to use allegorical images to stimulate the mind to unlock the mysteries of the psychic realm. Many feel the depth they are able to dwell into and fear it, although they carry the truth of past, present and future, the intention is to help the querant to improve their lives, much of the fear is unwarranted and super imposed by the historical banishing by the church and the governing bodies of the 13 century! This act was meant to force people to go to the priests and pastors instead of the High Priestess and Wise Woman using the Tarot to reveal and resolve personal issues! Interestingly the main religious sectors in the world have coveted the knowledge and meaning of each card in the vaults seeing it as inappropriate for mainstream folks!
Open the Akashic Doors and respond to the calling of the Hero’s Journey. It’s time to reclaim your power and unlock the Universal Esoteric Mysteries.

After the first level, I am certain you will be able to confidently understand the TAROT and be good enough to provide basic readings for all your friends and family. However to be professionally adept and be able to provide accurate and mesmerizing Tarot readings it is recommended to complete the almost 6 year seminary diploma and or certificate courses. It all depends on your level of commitment! You will also learn about the Kabbalah, Astrology, Symbology, Numerology, the connections to: IChing‬‪‎Runes‬, the meaning of colour‬‪‎crystals, animals‬ and the religious undertones! You can start at any stage in your development, if you think you already know an area we have advanced standing opportunities which may help you complete your studies quicker!

At the moment we have ONLINE YouTube VIDEO, Live Streaming and Skype, Email etc…to make this as easy as possible, this way you can watch the videos on your own time, in your own pace.

If you would prefer One of One Private Teaching Sessions please contact me by email or call 705-309-7171. We can do the session on Skype or @Earth And Sky Connection, Shamanic‬ ‪‎Healing‬ and Learning Centre located at 461 Penetanguishene Rd ‪#‎Barrie, in person. These sessions can be recorded if you wish for further review.

 One on One Sessions ~ Details and fees HERE 

These sessions will change your life and your understanding of yourself, others and the universe for the better as the TRUTH will reveal itself with out a doubt!

Intermediate Tarot

Thursdays January 7th – March 11th 2021 6:00pm -8:00pm

Advanced Tarot Module 1

Thursdays March 26th – June 24th 6:00pm -8:00pm

Advanced Tarot Module 2 

Thursdays September 2nd – December 9th 6:00pm -8:00pm

Masters Tarot Module 1

with Tamare White-Wolf (Monthly $120)

Begins January 6th ends June 23rd 2022

Masters Tarot Module 2

with Tamare White-Wolf (Monthly $120)

Chose either Thursday 7pm -9pm  or Sundays 11-1pm

Begins September 8th ends Dec 8th 2022

Monthly (4 sessions $120 Monthly)  

Monthly (4 sessions $120 Monthly)  

I look forward to meeting you and sharing n this wonderful gift of the Tarot “my religion”. To confirm and hold your seat please call or text me at 705-739-7171, or or contact me here to register!






EACH SESSION Depends on your requirements

$20 $30 $40

8-9pm Weekly/Monthly Chat Room

I look forward to meeting you and sharing in in this wonderful gift of the Tarot “my religion”. To confirm and hold your seat please call me at 705-739-7171 or contact me here to register!

Many Blessings Tamare White-Wolf