Herbal Blends, Infusions & Tinctures


Herbal Blends Infusions & Tinctures


Herbal Blends, Infusions & Tinctures
Lets share our knowing of the many healing gifts mother earth has magically created for us all to use to heal whatever ails us, our families and even our fury ones! What we need is always right under our feet in our own backyards, as we require it she grows it for us, we just have to be curious enough to take a look! What we need to do to heal the earth mama, all our relations and in particular our bees is also right before our eyes!
Lets do our part as she continues offering her many gifts to keep us well and strong, we can do much for her too, in exchange!

There is much to learn about our herbal friends and medicines, I invite you to participate in a 3 hour workshop, here on our sacred land of Earth and Sky Connection to add herbal first aid to your knowing!


If you wish to further your knowing about the herbal world please join us for the below workshop too!
I look forward to spending time with you learning about the many gifts from our Earth Mama and filling up your FARMacy!!!


Blessings Tamare White-Wolf