Eagle Feather Healing and Reading

With Shaman Spiritualist Tamare White-Wolf

Natives folks around the world have long seen birds of prey as sacred and magical. Of them all, Eagle is the most revered and honoured with many legends, rituals and spiritual references. Many of these stories reflecting on the eagles strengths such as vision, ability to fly towards freedom, closest to the creator, creators messenger, ability to work in groups or on their own, courage, resilience and determination to name a few of their totem gifts.

Many ancient traditions particularly those of  North American Natives have used eagle medicine in many sacred and spiritual ways. The eagle has long been used to both heal and divine the past, present and future, even the presence of an eagle promises successful uplifting outcomes that lead to great fortune. These maybe some of the reasons many Shaman’s (Seers) use the eagle feather to smudge (a tradition of burning sage/sweatgrass and moving the smoke with the feather ) and to help with their healing traditions.

Many moons ago I was gifted with the teachings to use the eagle feather in an unique and insightful way. The eagle feather has the ability when brushed over the body to pick up subtle messages from the individual leaving the feather separated in areas that relate to specific time in a persons life. These messages refer to both our male and female energies, our relations with significant people in our lives and how it has shaped our path along the way.

Eagle feathers are a very sacred part of our medicine bundles and are often gifted either by the bird itself as in when it drops feathers for us to pick up, or when another person ( often a medicine person or elder ) passes a eagle feather to us due to “Great Spirits” guidance and direction. While using the feather in healing and divination it has happened that spirit guides me to gift the feather to the person upon them leaving their session. There is no cost or fee once the feather is given however their is a great responsibly to the spirit of the eagle and the feather, if and when you carry one in your bundle.

This session is a very good fit for those with physical & spiritual illness as the gift of the eagle is to lift away what doesn’t serve our highest good. The illness is passed to the feather and the medicine person empties the negative energy into the flames of a candle, and smudging the feather as each segment of the body is cleansed.

Eagle Feather Healing/Cleansing & Reading  ~ $200 ( up to an hour n 1/2) (must not be under the influence of substances)

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